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Furcoco Coco Tonic 50ml

RM 32.00

Furcoco Coco Tonic 50ml

RM 32.00
Furcoco Coco Tonic - Pet Hair Supplement ?
Furcoco Coco Tonic is a specialized hair supplement designed for pets, providing multiple benefits to enhance the health and beauty of your pet's skin and coat. Here are the key features of Furcoco Coco Tonic:

UV Protection: Furcoco Coco Tonic offers UV protection for your pet's skin.
Just like humans, pets can be exposed to harmful effects of sun exposure.
The sunscreen components in Coco Tonic help shield your pet from the sun's UV rays, preventing sunburn and other skin damage.

Vitamin E: Furcoco Coco Tonic contains Vitamin E, renowned for its antioxidant properties.
Vitamin E helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and reducing dryness.
It can also provide relief for itchy skin, ensuring your pet feels more comfortable.

Relieve Itchy Skin: If your pet experiences dryness, itching, or inflammation of the skin,
Furcoco Coco Tonic provides soothing relief.
Its formula helps to calm and moisturize the skin, reducing itchiness and discomfort.

Brighten Hair: Furcoco Coco Tonic gives your pet's hair a shiny and healthy appearance.
As a finishing touch, it locks in moisture and provides a protective layer to the hair.
This helps to tame unruly hair and gives your pet's coat a smooth and lustrous look.

Furcoco Coco Tonic is specially formulated to be safe for your pet's skin and coat.
It contains pure coconut oil and is free of silicones, ensuring a gentle and suitable application.
Additionally, it leaves a pleasant fragrance on your pet's hair, making them smell fresh and clean.

Furcoco Coco Tonic is an essential hair supplement for your pet, providing comprehensive protection and care.
It ensures your pet stays safe and comfortable under the sun while maintaining healthy and beautiful skin and coat!
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