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Numew Zesty Soup 80g -Fish & Cranberry 240mg

RM 2.60

Numew Zesty Soup 80g -Fish & Cranberry 240mg

RM 2.60
We started from nothing but cats who bonded us together.
We shared, learned and grew together which brings us to co-founding the Numew brand.
Aimed at providing high quality, affordable cat food that meets international standards, from cat lover to cat lovers Embrace a new era of meow!

Fish Soup ,Tuna Fish ,Mackerel Fish , Cranberries.

Additive Components:
Frustooligosaccharides - FOS, Taurine
Vitamin A, Vitamin E ,Vitamin D3

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein ≥2.3%
Crude Fat ≥0.1
Crude Fiber ≤0.5%
Moisture ≤96.0%
Ash ≤1.0%

Feeding Guidelines:
Adult: For 3-5kg, 1-2 pouches per day

-Served directly
-Mix with freeze-dried
-Mix with staple food canned

Storage instructions:
Refrigerate once opened and finish within 1day
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